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RSC Design Company Co. Ltd provides interior design and consultancy services for various type of projects including hospitality, commercial, residential and office sectors. RSC is equipped with Architects and Interior Designers who aims for a world class output, delivering result in achieving breathtaking design concepts that benchmarks the clients high standards.

RSC portfolio includes projects mainly from China, Macau and The Philippines. It aims to have a stable market share in the Southeast Asia in both design and procurement services.

RSC Design Company Co. Ltd is an Interior Design services for discerning quality-conscious clients that seek assistance in their design choices for their hospitality, commercial, residential and office properties.

RSC 汇聚了一批多元化背景, 经验丰富、创意无限的设计师, 为客户提供全套国际化标准的室内设计服务,包含硬装软装及艺术顾问。公司以往设计的案例包括国际连锁酒店、精品酒店,房地产样板间,售楼处, 会所,餐厅,办公场所,专卖店等。

RSC 有庞大的国际化资源做支撑, 能够深刻理解客户需求的资深设计公司。RSC 以往案例在中国,澳门及新加坡等地区, 可为国内外任何现有空间制定软装及艺术品方案并提供采购安装,也可在室内设计项目里包含艺术和饰品精选方案。

RSC 具有经验丰富的设计团队, 可提供完善的室内设计服务包括酒店、精品度假、高端私人住宅、样板房、零售精品店、餐厅、会所和办公楼等等。

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