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RSC is driven by the principle that a sound architecture has a direct in ones lifestyle. Human being is the central and the most significant species on the planettogether with its environment, it needs an ecosystem where a sustainable architecture will be in placed harmoniously.

RSC has a professional collaboration with International and local architectural design firms in developing concepts into comprehensive design solutions, providing clients the best service achievable.

RSC 团队提供城市规划服务, 基于对人为和自然环境的综合研究,提供独特的、战略性的、创新型ABD 商业观念解决方案。

我们有着15 年的全球城市设计规划组合的经验,包括中国, 中东,毛里求斯,印度尼西亚, 马来西亚,缅甸,越南。工业城市总体规划的工作经验包括印度、中东和越南。

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