Robinsons Food Street

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Located in Xiamen, China, Robinsons Food street is not your usual mall food court. It is a gastronomic paradise filled with plenty of food shops and all sorts of unique and eccentric furnishings.

The food court stands out because of its visually stimulating interior. Funky wall, ceiling fixtures and bright and vibrant decors in the entrance area make the space eye-catching and noticeable.Solid and bold colors like red, green and orange are used here to create a colorful retro look.

A pleasant and warm vibe radiates in the entire food court. The area is spacious and airy, so it doesn’t feel cramped even if a lot of people are here.In fact, it offers a lot of space for diners to choose where to eat and enjoy their meal.

The food court’s hallways have a seamless and fuss-free layout. Its lustrous and sleek design makes the food shops shine, so diners can easily notice the different kinds of food offered to them.

Room 1408, Building B, Xiamen Petroleum Exchange Center, No.893, Haicang Avenue Xiamen, Fujian, China.

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